10 Tips to create an effective video ad for business

Do you know almost 86% of the brands are using video marketing as an effective tool?Yeah, you read that right!Video marketing is like a...

5 Holiday Marketing Strategies for B2B

Holiday marketing strategies need to start in July - whether you’re trying to close Q4 deals or set the stage for the next year....

7 Festive Season Marketing Ideas for India

Standardization and festive season marketing can help sustain tradition into the age of mass migrations and nuclear families. Help brands create a common, shared, culture.
Is Marketing Science or Art

Is Marketing a Science or An Art?

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker, 1838 – 1922,  Founder...
Culture Drives Corporate Value

Building the Foundation of Corporate Culture

This article provides a handy framework, a template to define the culture across your corporate functions and examples from Ben and Jerry's, Infosys, Happiest Minds, Zomato and others.
Advanced Methods for Your Personal Brand

How to build a Personal Brand: Advanced Methods

A strong suggestion – do not enter into these advanced methods if you have started and moved a fair bit on the basic steps. If you do so, you will be risking not having impactful and deep content on your chosen topic.
Old Monk Rum Bottle

Top Alcohol Brands In India: 5 Brand and marketing stories

India is home to a variety of different cultures and traditions. This diversity has led to the development of interesting alcoholic drinks that have taken the world by storm. Here are 5 that we think are among the top brands in India.
5 Ways to Strengthen Internal Communications in a Crisis

5 Ways to Strengthen Internal Communications in a Crisis

Impactful internal communications can make employees feel excited about the work, connected with leaders and their vision and committed to furthering the goals of the organization, and thus the importance of its function. Following are five ways these teams can take.
Does Your Content Deliver Value?

Content form and value is more important than volume

Most marketers focus on the volume of the content they need to create, while the real value of content creation lies in creating custom content for customers that are at different stages of the funnel. Different formats of content have inherent strengths that make them more suitable to be used during different stages of the funnel – awareness, evaluation, purchase, and delight.

Persuade Customers to Buy

Why not invest as much time in determining and then bolstering the core intangible – and what’s more irrational than that – aspects of your brand? The stuff that makes folks pick a red can of soda over a blue one. Both slake your thirst – a rational argument – but only one has made a global mark by standing for universal happiness. Only one is valued at $78billion.