Does Your Content Deliver Value?

Content form and value is more important than volume

Most marketers focus on the volume of the content they need to create, while the real value of content creation lies in creating custom content for customers that are at different stages of the funnel. Different formats of content have inherent strengths that make them more suitable to be used during different stages of the funnel – awareness, evaluation, purchase, and delight.

Persuade Customers to Buy

Why not invest as much time in determining and then bolstering the core intangible – and what’s more irrational than that – aspects of your brand? The stuff that makes folks pick a red can of soda over a blue one. Both slake your thirst – a rational argument – but only one has made a global mark by standing for universal happiness. Only one is valued at $78billion.
More Advanced Personal Branding

Part Four: More Advanced Personal Branding

Build a great brand for yourself and your organization. As the journey progresses, you will begin to enjoy it and will be able to reap the fruits of your efforts over the years.
How to do Personal Branding for Growth

Part Two: How to do Personal Branding for Growth

make a list of all the resources at your disposal to build on this topic. These would include organizational content, press clippings, analysts’ reports, books, academic material (whitepapers, research papers, journals), speeches, presentations, websites, blogs, tweets etc. Arrange all the resources systematically so that you can swiftly run through them when you need to. Keep refreshing your resources to stay current.
Part One Why Personal Branding Drives Growth

Part One: Why Personal Branding Drives Growth

GQ is your Google Quotient If I search for your name or the topic on which you are supposed to be an expert on and no externally referenced content appears, then you do not exist as a professionally. If Google can’t find you, you do not exist.

Failed Video Learnings

Video consumption is on the rise and is one of the essential parts of the content marketing strategy. So after creating one such marketing video which failed, here are the top 3 learnings.
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