4 times AI & ML were deployed to deliver game-changing results

4 times AI & ML were deployed to deliver game-changing results

The words Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence carry some heavy effects. In the past few years, a lot of influential people have weighed in...
PR 101 Basics of PRvideo

PR 101: Basics of Public Relations and How to Get It

In this video power session Jessie Paul tells you what you need to know before you sign up that PR agency. Or if you are wondering why you are not getting sufficient results or traction from your current PR program, this module might answer those questions. She has over 20 years experience of managing PR from the client-side.

Matrimony.Com’s Technology Delivers Exceptional Customer Experience

K S Rajasekar, GM Marketing says "Our award-winning matchmaking algorithm (MIMA) helps deliver matches that are relevant to the customers. Our recommendation engine studies a ton of data including user preferences, expectations and behavior, not to speak of historic data. It helps deliver high value, boost the prospects of members in finding compatible matches and ultimately drives business results."
How to Win Back Lost Customers and Keep Them

Win Back Lost Customers and Reduce Customer Churn

To offset a loss in churn, business can do two things: acquire new customers, or employee strategies to win back old ones. While both are an essential part of a healthy business, the fact remains that getting new customers can cost 5x more than recruiting old ones.

Kickstart your CX and Cross the Chasm of Expectations

Webinar Report: “How to Optimize Omnichannel with Future Ready CX & MarTech Strategies” We live in an era where the customer calls the shots and...
Amardeep Bajpai

CX needs tech: Amardeep Bajpai, Jury, Let’s Talk CX Fast 100

Know Your Jury: Amardeep Bajpai- Let's Talk CX Fast 100 Amardeep Bajpai is Global Marketer and digital transformation specialist. He has 10+ years of experience and...
CX: Customer Experience Concept

Best of 2018 with Paul Writer: 10 Thoughts on CX for India

As the year winds down, my inbox and social media stream have started being flooded by the inevitable”2018 CX forecast”, listings. Undoubtedly most of these...

CRMAA Roundtable: How Do You Deal With Rising Customer Expectations?

Customers are the center of every business. By focusing on the customers and creating strategies that are customer-centric, businesses are sure to succeed. However,...

Dark Patterns in Marketing

What are dark patterns? Dark patterns – a term that’s recently emerged in the digital lexicon – are methods employed by websites to trick you...
Concept: Happy Customer/Envato Elements

Customer Journey Mapping for Measurable Employee On-boarding Improvement

The Background In 2012, a large multi-national bank saw customer traffic through brick and mortar branches drop by 40% in its largest market. On the...