Why Jet Airways Failed – a 4Ps view

Why companies with great customer experience like Jet Airways can also fail. Which P in the 4Ps did they forget? 1 minute watch.
Reach Your Demographic Easily

7 Essential Tips to Reach Your Demographic Easily

Some parts of marketing will never be easy, and learning how to reach your demographic is something that eludes even the most successful of...
How to get YOUR APPLE CHOSEN - Art of influencing consumers'_ _wants__ (1)

How to get your apple chosen

How to get YOUR APPLE CHOSEN - Art of influencing consumers'​ "wants"​ One of the objectives of marketing is to influence the want to create...

Marketing Maverick: Deborah Kay, Founder, Digital Discovery/Head Digital Transformation – Singapore Sailing Federation #APACLeaders

Paul Writer interviewed Deborah Kay for our Marketing Maverick series on #APACLeaders. Deborah is the founder of Digital Discovery and has been the Head...

Chai Break with Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi, Co-Founder and CTO, Crayon Data

Read his insights on how the social shift impacts the technology shift and vice versa and the way we go to market...

Watch: Did Gillette Miss an Opportunity by Dropping Hardik?

After his ill-fated interview on Koffee with Karan, a TV show in 2019, Gillette promptly dropped Hardik as a brand ambassador stating a mismatch...

Marketing Maverick: Karim Mouahbi, Head of Marketing at Mad Paws #APACLeaders

Paul Writer interviewed Karim Mouahbi, who is based in Sydney as Head of Marketing for Mad Paws, Australia’s leading pet sitting marketplace that's backed by Qantas Ventures.

Kickstart your CX and Cross the Chasm of Expectations

Webinar Report: “How to Optimize Omnichannel with Future Ready CX & MarTech Strategies” We live in an era where the customer calls the shots and...