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Customer Communities

Customer communities are vital for marketing as they enhance brand loyalty, provide valuable insights, and create a platform for direct engagement with your audience, ultimately driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

Our Approach

At Paul Writer Strategic Marketing Services, we specialise in creating and nurturing vibrant professional communities that drive engagement, foster networking, and promote knowledge sharing among industry leaders. Since our inception in 2010, community creation and management has been a cornerstone of our services, enabling us to build and sustain influential networks across various sectors.

Marketers & CMOs Community

From the very beginning, Paul Writer has successfully cultivated a thriving community of marketers and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) in India. This community has grown steadily, supported by a range of initiatives including our newsletter – Marketing Booster Shot – awards, conferences, and roundtables.

SodexHo's CHRO Community

We established and managed a dedicated community for Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) for SodexHo. Our efforts included organizing events and creating platforms for HR leaders to share insights and best practices.

SAP India (INDUS) Community

For SAP, we managed the SAP and community in India, known as INDUS. We facilitated regional events and a marquee annual gathering that brought together SAP users to discuss trends, solutions, and innovations in the field.

Oracle's CX

We developed a community for Customer Experience (CX) heads for Oracle, where we produced compelling content and blogs, and engaged with industry leaders to stimulate discussions and enhance understanding of CX dynamics.

Why Choose Paul Writer

Proven Track Record

Our experience in creating and managing communities across diverse industries speaks for itself. We have a history of building lasting relationships and fostering meaningful interactions among community members.

Engagement & Growth

Through strategic content creation, podcasts, event management, and ongoing engagement initiatives, we ensure that our communities remain engaged and valuable to their members.

Partner with Paul Writer

Build and sustain powerful communities that drive thought leadership, innovation, and collaboration within your industry.

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