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Do you ever feel like your marketing strategy is just a bunch of noise and no one can hear you?

Ever wonder why the brands that have just been launched are simply better than yours? A big reason is because they’ve realized that customer experience is a differentiator. It’s not about how awesome your product or service is, it’s about what happens when people interact with it.

Developing a customer experience strategy that highlights the differences between brands can help show potential customers what sets you apart from the competition. The best Marketing ROI comes from the investments made on Customer Experience.

If companies are able to provide a better customer experience than their competitors then marketing messages from competing brands will not convince customers to switch over.

Role of technology in creating a good Customer Experience

Technology is one of the most important elements for a memorable customer experience. Technology is a fundamental component of Customer Experience, because without technology:

  1. No brand can provide the customer service necessary for a great experience
  2. Brands can not interact meaningfully with their customers because most of the customer interactions are happening through digital platforms.
  3. No brand can track the true value of its customer service 

Amardeep Bajpai

Amardeep Bajpai
Marketing expert and former CMO of Rentomojo elaborates on the tech mix they use – Intelligent Chat Bots, Automated Product Suggestions and Automated Review Campaigns. 

Good Customer Experience Is Directly Linked to Higher Conversion Rates

What are the building blocks of a good customer experience strategy

Madhukar Uniyal

Madhukar Uniyal
Master Principal Consultant, Oracle Marketing Cloud 

“As a marketer, we endure a constant journey to turn a suspect into a prospect and finally to a customer. It’s only the right experience that can turn them into customers. The vast channels employed for marketing that yield large amounts of data that is scattered all over the place calls for marketing automation. The Key to effective CX is Connected Data, Connected Intelligence, Connected Experience.”

A good CX strategy should have a blend of:

  • Unique understanding of the latest technology to deliver a superior customer experience.
  • Analytical mindset to understand customers interaction journey with the brand
  • To best understand customer needs, empathy is key.

To conclude, it’s not just about the product anymore, it’s also about how you communicate with your customers. Customers have come to expect a more personalized experience from brands and are always looking for ways in which they can connect better with their favorite companies. Technology is one way that businesses today have found success in this area by including features like chatbots and voice assistants to create an interactive customer service platform. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how technology can help improve your company CX efforts, sign up here! 


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