CX needs tech: Amardeep Bajpai, Jury, Let’s Talk CX Fast 100

Know Your Jury: Amardeep Bajpai- Let’s Talk CX Fast 100

Amardeep Bajpai is Global Marketer and digital transformation specialist. He has 10+ years of experience and in the past he has been part of the leadership of a few billion dollar ventures in digital/ e-commerce space like, and etc., and as a strategy consultant with PwC. He has exited his last company in digital technology and marketing services for 20x return. Solving problems in digital tech, marketing, strategy and carrying out complete digital transformation is his niche.

Marketing automation simplified at rentomojo – view deck by Amardeep Bajpai

In your view how can Customer Experience be a differentiator for brands?

Providing a superlative customer experience can be a huge differentiator for brands because of the importance of Customer Experience in purchase decisions. Investments done by Brands on the Customer Experience front are generating the highest Marketing ROI.

If Brands are able to beat their competitors in terms of Customer Experience then no form of advertising by competitors will influence customers to switch from one brand to another.

Role of technology in creating good Customer Experience?

Technology is the most vital element when it comes to creating a superlative Customer Experience. Technology is the fulcrum that drives Customer Experience, because with out technology:

a) No Brand can strategize or create great Customer Experience

b) No brand can interact meaningfully with its customers because most of the customer interactions are happening on Digital Platforms that are tech driven

c) No brand can meaningfully measure the impact/ROI of providing superlative Customer Experience

Good Customer Experience Is Directly Linked to Higher Conversion Rates

What makes a good customer experience professional?

Any good CX professional worth their salt should have a blend of:

  • Technological Expertise to deliver superior Customer Experience
    Analytical Mindset to understand a customers Interaction Journey with the brand
    Empathy to understand Customer needs

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