Effective Customer Experience Requires Marketing Automation

Customer experience automation helps the companies that we all know and love to be successful . The better the customer experience, the more likely a company will succeed. 

Marketers have been told for years that marketing automation is the key to successful customer experience. But, in reality, it’s not always so simple. In this post we’ll explore what makes a good marketing automation strategy and how you can get started with one of your own.

What is the secret to effective digital customer experience (CX) ?

Marketing automation lets you automate tasks, like sending emails or other items. This leverages data to obtain a better customer experience.

Customer experience automation is essential to providing seamless customer experience due to the need for processes that are repetitive, process-driven, and consistent. When you factor in human error, automation of marketing is the better option. 

The marketer’s universe includes three prime elements:

  1. The Unknown: Individuals who are not aware of the product or service.
  1. The Little Known: Prospects and returning customers where engagement is less established. 
  2. The Well Known: Returning customers with a long history of customer loyalty that have had a high level of engagement.

As a marketer, it is our job to go from turning a potential customer into someone who decides to become a customer. Proper customer experience is necessary in order to turn them into customers.

Marketing automation is necessary to collect all scattered data from various channels and use it for marketing. Effective customer experience automation starts with connected data, intelligence and experience.

The importance of AI in customer experience automation

Technology such as AI plays a central role in CX automation. It’s not possible for a human alone to pinpoint what people want. Data and machine learning are necessary to the process of prediction. Automation in advertising may lead to fatigue for a customer, who will get tired of seeing the same advertisements over and over again. In order to improve customer satisfaction, it’s important for you try and determine their response, and craft differential messaging. The prospect-to-client journey should be carefully orchestrated to avoid customer fatigue.

Avoiding remarketing fatigue

As marketers we need to establish communication limits where we prioritize what and when to send messages to our customers.

For example, Rentomojo’s customer experience automation falls into two categories: User-oriented automation and Campaign based automation. Automated features such as chatbots, product suggestions and automated testimonials can significantly improve user experience. These are included in the User-oriented category. Automation at the campaign level typically focuses on transaction drip, lead management, and automated reviews. 

Amardeep Bajpai, marketing expert and former CMO for Rentomojo says “Marketing Automation for Rentomojo is not an add-on but rather a core service. As for customer fatigue, one of our techniques for our user level campaigns is to set a (limit to the) number of communications that you send to one particular user.”


With the help of a CX automation strategy, you can create personalized customer experiences that will make your customers feel like they’re really being heard. A good CX starts with understanding what makes up a strong marketing plan and how it can be applied to improve your company’s interactions with customers. Here are some examples of successful strategies that have helped other brands increase their sales while also improving their customer experience ratings.

To View Amardeep’s Deck click here

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