Paul Writer

How To Create A Pitch-Perfect Business Plan

A business plan has got to be one of the single most important documents you’ll create when starting up a business. Not only does...

3 Shaving Ads That Discuss Masculinity – Gillette, Old Spice, Harry’s

The brand is leveraging the trending #metoo movement for their own benefit. However, that's what advertising is- talking to your audience about what they're taking about too, finding common ground with them.

Four Lessons for Turning Around a Declining Business

The movie theatre business offers insights as to how firms can find new opportunities for turning around dying businesses by understanding consumers and their...
Seven Key Features for a Successful Business |

Seven Key Features for a Successful Business

It is always great to read about successful businesses. Stories of success always have a fairy tale quality to them. With changing times, success...
Part One Why Personal Branding Drives Growth

Part One: Why Personal Branding Drives Growth

GQ is your Google Quotient If I search for your name or the topic on which you are supposed to be an expert on and no externally referenced content appears, then you do not exist as a professionally. If Google can’t find you, you do not exist.
David Munn

There’s More to Thought Leadership than Just Leads

Thought leadership isn't directly about lead generation. Dave Munn of ITSMA will tell you how to bridge the gap and better understand why you should invest in thought leadership.
Advanced Methods for Your Personal Brand

How to build a Personal Brand: Advanced Methods

A strong suggestion – do not enter into these advanced methods if you have started and moved a fair bit on the basic steps. If you do so, you will be risking not having impactful and deep content on your chosen topic.

What Brands Can Learn From Nokia NZ Twitter Fiasco

It’s not often that a brand tweets ‘F*** you’ to its followers and gets away with it. But, when Nokia New Zealand tweeted these...
Why Your Brand Storytelling Must Start With Human Resources

Why Your Brand Storytelling Must Start With Human Resources

Recently, Joe Pulizzi wrote a post on the 12 Roles Essential to the Future of Content Marketing. In it, he listed the new roles...

5 Things a Brand Can Do To Stay Relevant During Fast Paced Technological Changes

With the advent of globalization, markets moved to the digital space. Such a shift is a revolution in itself, but with every passing day,...