E-commerce Trends for 2017

According to a ASSOCHAM-Forrester study, India's E-commerce revenue is expected to jump from $26 billion in 2016 to $103 billion in 2020. While in...
4 Big Brand Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

4 Big Brand Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Follow these strategies and create a successful online business - Demand Planning, Business Alliances, Loyalty solutions, The Risk Free Marketing Strategy, says Advit Sahdev.
Seven Key Features for a Successful Business |

Seven Key Features for a Successful Business

It is always great to read about successful businesses. Stories of success always have a fairy tale quality to them. With changing times, success...

Marketing Maverick: Karim Mouahbi, Head of Marketing at Mad Paws #APACLeaders

Paul Writer interviewed Karim Mouahbi, who is based in Sydney as Head of Marketing for Mad Paws, Australia’s leading pet sitting marketplace that's backed by Qantas Ventures.

Quirky Ideas for Business Success in 2030!

Warning: Please read this at your own risk. Author isn't liable for any irreversible brain damage inadvertently caused by the loopy ramblings below. The landscape in...
Bobby Patrick, CMO, UiPath

A Robot for Everyone – Interview with Bobby Patrick, CMO, UiPath

Robots do the work we hate. So, everyone loves Robotic Process Automation, as the bot will take over the repetitive aspects of your work....
Does it really pay off?

Differentiation: Does it really pay off?

Differentiation – Does it really matters? Till some time I believed the same, however now I think slightly differently. I think we need to think of...

Shweta Bachchan and the Ethics of Identity

Social Networking

Social Networking Could Have Saved Kodak

Thanks to social networking, the recent past witnessed hyper-communication in most of the fields with different ideas and views flowing through. We know that...

The Psychology of Pricing: Customers Prefer Round Numbers

Bottom Line: Despite the prevalence of 99-cent stores and $1.99 price tags, consumers appear to favor round numbers when paying for goods and services....