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PR Agency Landscape of India

PR Agency Landscape of India

Survey to understand what makes a PR Agency special? We are collecting information from both the agencies and clients to create a report on the PR Landscape of India. The report will provide a listing of the top agencies across domains based on their self-reporting and what clients say.
Not just Chinese Apps, all Apps threaten Privacy

Not just Chinese Apps, all Apps threaten Privacy

While there is enough hue and cry over the banning of Chinese Apps in India, have you paused to ask how exactly can this...
Digital Marketing Research

Content & Email Marketing Tops the List of Preferred Channels for India Marketers

Email continues to be an effective channel for driving maximum ROI amongst all digital marketing channels.
Primal fears, consumer trends and Covid-19

What is Fear Based Marketing? What marketing trends does it drive?

The fear of being 'rejected' by the opposite sex due to bad breath or pimples is a time-tested trigger used by marketers. Another is the fear of shame also called "Ego death" by Dr. Karl Albrecht. Remember those ads and urging the CIO to buy anti-virus software or a data backup solution to ensure business continuity or face the wrath of his boss?

10 SEO Experts share common SEO mistakes they see Brands making

Kris Nicolaou Brain Box Labs Hiring a reputable SEO company to better your visibility in search engines is excellent, but they cannot increase your rankings alone....
How can your brand Rock the Recession

How can your brand Rock the Recession?

By pretending there isn’t one. I don’t mean denial, but I do mean that a batten-the-hatches freeze -all-spending is not the only option. During the...
Google COVID

Google launches a guide to help businesses adapt marketing strategies in wake of COVID-19

Consumers have shifted priorities. Companies are refocusing. Individuals are hunkering down and often anxious. All of us are caught up in the COVID-19 storm....
Unlocking the Indian Economy post-COVID The Road Ahead-min

Unlocking the Indian Economy post-COVID: The Road Ahead…

Delicate Balance, Considerations, and Decisions...India has outlined a 2-pronged strategy for phased restarting of economic activities from this week while maintaining its focus on flattening the curve. The...

Template to map Covid Context of your product portfolio

As discussed in the  article on marketing to be COVID Contextual and Recession Relevant, the world has changed, as have your consumers and clients....
What to sell in the COVID Downturn

What to sell in the COVID Downturn

Marketing costs are amongst the first expenses to get slashed. It’s easier than other ways of cost cutting. But it’s sort of like selling...