PR Agency Landscape of India

What makes a PR Agency special?

Each PR Agency has its unique strengths. What are they and what makes them the best fit for their clients? That’s what this Red Book Survey wants to discover.

The result is a guide that will help you understand:

  1. What do marketers hire PR Agencies for?
  2. What’s the kind of investment that is common?
  3. Which agencies specialise in your domain?
  4. What other services do PR Agencies offer?
  5. What makes a PR Agency special?
  6. Which agencies are best for my domain and location?

Do take this 7 minute survey, share your inputs and we will aggregate the answers and come out with an updated edition of the Red Book of PR Survey.

Clients of A PR Agency

 PR Agency

This survey builds upon the success of our earlier study Red Book of Tech PR. We are collecting insights from clients on what they want from an agency, whom do they work with and how their expectations are being met. From the agency side we are collecting information on their specialisation, locations and the kind of clients they like to work with. The output will be an easy to use report that guides clients to the right fit Agency.

Any agency that receives 3 client responses will receive a short description and listing in the report for free – our way of helping in these hard times.  And all client participants will receive a complimentary copy of this report.  It’s just 7 minutes to make everyone’s life easier!

Not working with a PR firm yet? Not sure why you’re not getting results? Then check out Jessie Paul’s 30 minute explainer video on PR 101. 30 minutes today can save you lakhs and a world of pain tomorrow. 

PS: Paul Writer is a consulting firm and does not offer PR services. We work with clients to design their marketing and content strategies and will recommend that they work with a PR agency if required. 

Clients of A PR Agency

 PR Agency


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