10 SEO Experts share common SEO mistakes they see Brands making

Kris Nicolaou
Brain Box Labs

Hiring a reputable SEO company to better your visibility in search engines is excellent, but they cannot increase your rankings alone. If users come to your website and it takes five to ten seconds to load, you’re optimistic to think they will (be able to) convert. There is only so much your SEO team can do to increase conversion on a slow site.

They need your help. There are quick fixes you or your “webmaster” (an antiquated term for the person who manages your website) can do to better your website speed. First, speed up the time it takes to load images. Using modern image formats on the web like WebP is an excellent way to decrease load times. If that is not an option, compress all your images with TinyPNG. Second, turn on server caching.

This technical request sounds a bit daunting, but again, a competent webmaster should be able to quickly enable server caching, which will give your site a significant speed boost.
And third, remove unnecessary website bloat. If you are using WordPress, that means fewer plugins. If not, analyze your website’s network activity using Google Chrome DevTools.

With this tool, you can see how fast your site is load and what are the specific bottlenecks that are affecting your overall site speed.

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