Unlocking the Indian Economy post-COVID The Road Ahead-min

Delicate Balance, Considerations, and Decisions…

India has outlined a 2-pronged strategy for phased restarting of economic activities from this week while maintaining its focus on flattening the curve. The right balance between saving lives and providing livelihood has been a topic of intense debate and discussion. The size and diversity of India only increases this complexity.

There are inherent implementation challenges including establishing an effective reassessment mechanism of clear vis-a-vis hotspot/ containment zones. Minimising the risk of spreading infections, with practical processes and justifiable costs for the industries & offices opening, will lead to ethical dilemmas in workplaces. Lots of groundwork including fixing of core supply chain and logistics movements on Day1 have been planned. Empowering & execution by local administration is another key lever. The robustness of governance mechanism will be severely tested in real life situations. A key factor for the plan’s success lies in transparent communication critical to maintain credibility of leadership decisions, in the face of uncertainty.

India is observing a 40 day “quarantine” period, fully justifying the term. However, there is a long way ahead. The effectiveness of these measures will be better known as we get closer to the May 3 deadline, and the question of “what’s next & how” becomes prominent.

As India now moves to a crucial “dynamic equilibrium” stage, multiple factors including effective & rational unlocking measures, close monitoring and continued lifesaving efforts all come in play concurrently. Can we create a successful template for India to scale and the world to emulate? Here’s the link to the detailed

The above article is second in the series. It builds upon their first Article originally published on Apr 13.That article highlighted the framework and choices to consider while asking how will the opening up of the lockdown play out in phases. How, where and with what modalities should India start phased economic & industrial activities restart. If the framework is of interest to you, here’s the link to the first article.


Sanjay Srivastava

Sanjay Srivastava

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Manish Agarwal

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