Business Strategy: Are You Inside-Out or Outside-In?

An ideological gulf has opened in today’s business world, between companies that look outward for long-term value and those relying on internal resources. “Look at...

The Psychology of Pricing: Customers Prefer Round Numbers

Bottom Line: Despite the prevalence of 99-cent stores and $1.99 price tags, consumers appear to favor round numbers when paying for goods and services....

What Brands Can Learn From Nokia NZ Twitter Fiasco

It’s not often that a brand tweets ‘F*** you’ to its followers and gets away with it. But, when Nokia New Zealand tweeted these...
Social Networking

Social Networking Could Have Saved Kodak

Thanks to social networking, the recent past witnessed hyper-communication in most of the fields with different ideas and views flowing through. We know that...
Why Your Brand Storytelling Must Start With Human Resources

Why Your Brand Storytelling Must Start With Human Resources

Recently, Joe Pulizzi wrote a post on the 12 Roles Essential to the Future of Content Marketing. In it, he listed the new roles...


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