5 Ways AI Can Improve Email Marketing ROI

Email Marketing ROI – AI can boost results

Email marketing ROI can be greatly enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Email is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your customers. But...

Three Things TO DO Before You Begin Your Personal Branding Journey

Building a compelling personal brand is not just good for you but it’s great for business, for your communities and helps you control your...
Five reasons to create a compelling Personal Brand

Five reasons to create a compelling Personal Brand

We are all well aware of the appraisal calibrations where a decision to promote a person is based on opinions/ perceptions of the people...

Our story behind the “Made in India. Made for the World” campaign

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBR0_waz0OQ In a way, the pandemic has brought us all together. We are trying to make a clearer sense...
Networking for Professionals: How to build a community

How to Network. Or. How to build a community

How to build a professional and personal network that becomes a community. Learn why just demanding jobs on LinkedIn is a bad idea.

Trust as a Brand Strategy – can drive brand premium

The best brands in a category are often the most trusted brands. How do you build trust? Is it a part of your brand strategy? In this article I'll show you how to build trust.

A Framework for Influencer Marketing

Bloggers fall into 3 categories - Influencers, Curators, and Endorsers. How should your marketing strategy incorporate all of them? How can you improve impact and reach?
6 Marketing Steps to Your Dream Job

6 Marketing Steps to Your Dream Job

The economy is a bit creaky in the wake of COVID, agreed. But some people are still getting jobs. There may be lesser jobs...
6 Incredible Ways to Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media

6 Ways to Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media

Businesses use emails to keep in touch with their subscribers and deliver relevant information to them through exceptional messages. Social media, on the other hand, helps you reach a larger demographic that might know or not about your brand. With the right tactics, email and social media can turn into your secret weapon to boost your brand awareness and skyrocket your conversions rate.

5 Ways Your Organization Can Achieve Effective Communication

There is a tremendous change in how people and teams together work these days. Teams today are more agile while organizational structures are kept more flat to keep communications and information flowing. Communication tool should try and create more open, digital environment that makes work visible, integrated and accessible—across the team.