China Growth Marketing 101 – Part 1 | Paul Writer

At the turn of the new millennium, China saw many copycat internet businesses from the west, but that soon changed due to innovation that...
5 Ways AI Can Improve Email Marketing ROI

Email Marketing ROI – AI can boost results

Email marketing ROI can be greatly enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Email is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your customers. But...
Evolution of Marketing,Jessie Paul - Founder, Paul Writer

Evolution of Marketing | Jessie Paul – Founder, Paul Writer | ex-CMO, Wipro |... An author, CEO, & an Operator, but firstly, Jessie Paul is a marketer. In her marketing career spanning...
Marketing Sells, Tells and Psyches!

Marketing Sells, Tells and Psyches!

After almost two decades of dabbling with brands and businesses, the one thing that I figured out was that “smart marketing” is the only...

A Framework for Influencer Marketing

Bloggers fall into 3 categories - Influencers, Curators, and Endorsers. How should your marketing strategy incorporate all of them? How can you improve impact and reach?

Top 5 Marketing Priorities 2020

Marketers need to be agile to stay in the game in these unusual times, innovate to get ahead and at the same time be...
6 reasons your marketing sucks, according to Google

6 reasons your marketing sucks, according to Google

Google carried out research on how people buy online and identified 6 “biases” that determine purchasing decisions. Here’s a handy checklist based on that research...
6 Incredible Ways to Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media

6 Ways to Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media

Businesses use emails to keep in touch with their subscribers and deliver relevant information to them through exceptional messages. Social media, on the other hand, helps you reach a larger demographic that might know or not about your brand. With the right tactics, email and social media can turn into your secret weapon to boost your brand awareness and skyrocket your conversions rate.

5 Ways Your Organization Can Achieve Effective Communication

There is a tremendous change in how people and teams together work these days. Teams today are more agile while organizational structures are kept more flat to keep communications and information flowing. Communication tool should try and create more open, digital environment that makes work visible, integrated and accessible—across the team.

Kylie’s Lips for Marketing Tips

When she was 15 or thereabouts a boy told Kylie Jenner (of the famous Kardashian clan) that her lips were thin. She tried using lip-liner...