How to Communicate Your Brand Value Effectively

Whether it is your personal or company brand, you must be able to showcase your mastery in order to ensure Effective Communication of your Personal Brand Value and attract business. What people see when they visit your online presence is not a matter of vanity, but of mastery.
The inevitable rise and fall of your career

The inevitable rise and fall of your career

You should plan to have 2 (or more) distinct careers. In the first one you rely on fluid intelligence and in the second one on crystallised intelligence, areas like teaching, mentoring, strategy and leadership. The key to remaining “successful’ is to understand when you’ve overstayed your time in the fluid intelligence arena and start building towards your next avatar where you purvey wisdom.
Getting Influencer Marketing Rightvideo

Video Tutorial – Getting Influencer Outreach Right

This video tutorial gives you a framework for building a good influencer outreach strategy, and understanding the value of working with the blogger community.
Priyanka is a skinfluencer.

Priyanka is a skinfluencer. Build your own Influencer Framework

I had never heard of Obagi - a skincare firm -  until Priyanka Chopra became its brand ambassador. She uses #skinfluence as one of...

A Framework for Influencer Marketing

Bloggers fall into 3 categories - Influencers, Curators, and Endorsers. How should your marketing strategy incorporate all of them? How can you improve impact and reach?
Signs that your brand has mid-life crisis

Signs that your brand has mid-life crisis

Facebook is jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon with plans to launch a wallet based on the Libra network next year. US regulators have promptly...
The Kindness of Strangers

The Kindness of Strangers

In the pre-Internet world sitting in Trichy my friend and I wanted to research this unknown college called Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. We...
Train brands like Kim K

Train brands like Kim K

Kim Kardashian tweeted that she had a problem with Jack In the Box. She then clarified that it wasn’t her, personally, but that she...
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Why Brand India Matters

When Indian IT was still not a thing, one brand decided to be different. Unlike Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Patni and others who made their...