Apps are the new bling

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was very reluctant to pay for content. I was always trying to manage my reading within the...
Simi Sabhaney, Dentsu

Simi Sabhaney, Dentsu India: Interview

Simi Sabhaney shares 6 ingredients for a hot brand in this interview.

7 Festive Season Marketing Ideas for India

Standardization and festive season marketing can help sustain tradition into the age of mass migrations and nuclear families. Help brands create a common, shared, culture.
Is Marketing Science or Art

Is Marketing a Science or An Art?

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker, 1838 – 1922,  Founder...
Do you speak Manga

Do you speak Manga?

“Noone reads any more!”, said the 12 year old defiantly. As the author of an upcoming book “Marketing Without Money” I certainly hope she’s wrong. The...

What is marketing communication

Effective communication ensures that the right channels are used to pass the information to the target audience. Effective marketing communication drives the achievement of set goals and objectives. These goals often include gaining popularity, generating leads, or driving sales.
Culture Drives Corporate Value

Building the Foundation of Corporate Culture

This article provides a handy framework, a template to define the culture across your corporate functions and examples from Ben and Jerry's, Infosys, Happiest Minds, Zomato and others.


HOW TO USE TECHNOLOGY TO TRANSFORM THE DIGITAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Digital Customer Experience (CX) is the outcome of every interaction a...
Pick that fight! Comparative advertising works.

Pick that fight! Comparative advertising works.

Most of us were brought up the old school way - don’t point fingers at the flaws of others. This reflects in our marketing...
Are you a platypus like aIrasia

Positioning strategy of AirAsia’s superapp

Positioning strategy determines what a brand identifies with.  If you thought that AirAsia was in the airline business, you’d be wrong. They believe they...