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“Customer Experience (CX) Rocks at VFS”: A First 100 days interview with Belson Coutinho,...

Responses by Mr. Belson Coutinho, Chief Marketing Officer, VFS Global 1.You are in the first 100 days of the job as global CMO for VFS...

What me worry?

Monopoly was an intense and serious game at our home. Winning mattered. Like a lot. So much so that as adults most of the...
Is Rahul Bose Bananas?

Is Rahul Bose Bananas?

My daughter loves the green apples offered – for free – in the fancier hotel gyms. She makes it a point to eat one or two every day from that bowl and often, after a 3 day stay, their bowl is empty. Maybe this is the situation faced by actor Rahul Bose after a work-out at JW Marriott Chandigarh.
Charulata shows it’s never too late to brand yourself

Charulata shows it’s never too late to brand yourself

Charulata Patel is the 87 year old who shot to fame after pictures of Virat Kohli visiting her in the stands went viral. Pepsi immediately capitalised on her personal brand in a new ad. Pepsi and Charulata are benefiting from the rub-off of the huge star value of Virat Kohli. According to Duff & Phelps, his brand is valued at $170 million. How can you build your brand value to at least a fraction of that?

How to Communicate Your Brand Value Effectively

Whether it is your personal or company brand, you must be able to showcase your mastery in order to ensure Effective Communication of your Personal Brand Value and attract business. What people see when they visit your online presence is not a matter of vanity, but of mastery.
The inevitable rise and fall of your career

The inevitable rise and fall of your career

You should plan to have 2 (or more) distinct careers. In the first one you rely on fluid intelligence and in the second one on crystallised intelligence, areas like teaching, mentoring, strategy and leadership. The key to remaining “successful’ is to understand when you’ve overstayed your time in the fluid intelligence arena and start building towards your next avatar where you purvey wisdom.
Getting Influencer Marketing Rightvideo

Video Tutorial – Getting Influencer Outreach Right

This video tutorial gives you a framework for building a good influe