Taylor beats AI

Taylor Swift’s Management Lessons for AI

Taylor Swift's clever management has made her invincible. AI cannot take away her job. What can we mere mortals do to be in the same position?
This newsletter is interesting. It will give you peace.

This newsletter is interesting. It will give you peace.

I appreciate that you have decided to offer me the gift of your time. As a creator I could not exist without generous patrons...
Zendaya and the talent acquisition process

Zendaya and the talent acquisition process

18 months ago I signed up for an Airtel annual roaming package for Rs 15,000. When it came up for renewal I was offered...
companies using chatgp

Bring out the hedgehogs – the Indians are coming v2

"The Indians are coming!" The alarm bells rang in 2002 when Infosys opened operations in Australia. The fear was that "cheap" labour would take...
I cant do Kims dress code. Annas maybe

Image Branding: I can’t do Kim’s dress code.

Image branding is not just for people - it is for companies too.  In the early 2000s the big companies all had a live...
Time ticks differently for Shakira, SRK and Gigi

Name a luxury brand, and I’ll tell you why it’s luxury

Name a luxury brand, and there will be one "better".  There was a question about the "hierarchy of luxury brands" on one of my...

How to use Chat GPT and monetise your website

Chat GPT eats your content for free, and does not direct any web traffic back to you. What can you do in this new world to be relevant?

AI can outchat Arnab Goswami: but with data

There's a lot of chatter in marketing circles about generative AI and how ChatGPT will replace a lot of content creation jobs. It will,...

Sales and Marketing are not the same

Peter Drucker said marketing and innovation are the only purpose of a business. So what is the role of sales? We explore sales and marketing and their respective roles in this article.

I’ve Been Hacked – Revisiting the Value of Social Media

“OMG, your bank details are posted on your Insta handle” squealed the daughter in alarm late last night. She has a higher value of...