Wouldn’t it be lovely to know, really know what your customers want? And present it to them at the right time? As a customer are you experiencing this from your brands? More importantly, as a marketer, are you delivering it to your customers?

Infinite data means endless opportunity – but it takes a new approach to harness that potential. Know what your customers want before they do. Understand nuances of tone, sentiment and environmental conditions to engage customers on a human level. Deliver the right experience at the perfect moment to delight customers and inspire lifelong advocacy. Forecast the future and integrate with partners and suppliers to create a synchronized, predictive value chain. And do it all in real time, at the same time.

In association with IBM Commerce solutions.


Kiran Ajbani
Head – Enterprise and Digital Marketing Solutions at IBM


Sanjay Tripathy
Vice President – Marketing, Product, Analytics, Digital & E-Commerce

Jessie Paul
CEO – Paul Writer


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