Discovering your inner brand blueprint
In branding I recommend that the product/service owns a superlative ie it is “the best at…”. However in our personal lives we often want to be the best at many roles and skills. Often because we are not clear what it is that we want to excel at. This will vary across our life phases and we need to realize that we have moved on from the previous goal. In this session, I will share tools to better understand yourself and a framework to help you determine your priorities. The talk is grounded in brand theory because it is all about Brand You.

Brand You Key Focus Areas:

  • Brand Differentiation Understand what are you strengths and think about whether these are being adequately publicized and represented. Are you actively shaping your perception? Often we focus on our weaknesses, but in branding the emphasis is always on strengths. What opportunities do you have to show-case them? What can be a superlative that you own? There are ideas and frameworks in this session to discuss these aspects.
  • Brand Action Once we are clear on positioning and differentiation, it’s time to communicate! In the session I share a simple template to create an brand blueprint for yourself and then some simple channels which you can use to communicate your strengths.

This is an abridged recording of a typical 90 minute workshop.
Email me at [email protected] if you would like to have the longer session conducted virtually for your organization. 

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Practitioner Insights: Why Personal Branding Drives Growth, by Sunder Madakshira 


  1. Thanks, Paul, for the mindblowing video workshop. Your session offered me various useful insights about improving my brand. I have decided to make use of your simple template to build a brand blueprint of my business. I am looking forward to your future virtual sessions on brand building.


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