Webinar Report: Personalization is the key for Smart CX

The bedrock for personalization is customer data. This customer data is used to create a customer journey map. This customer journey map would then enable the marketer to enhance a customer’s experience of his/her brand. How creating there are no set rules of creating a customer journey map or even a standard set of touchpoints for marketers to build a map on. Paul Writer in association with Oracle hosted a webinar as part of the second season of “Lets talk CX” an Oracle and Paul Writer’s partnership program. The discussion was centered on three key themes:

  1. Framework or Methodology by which one can incorporate personalization into Customer Experience Design
  2. To hear from a practitioner on the Do’s and Don’t’s of personalization
  3. The difference between practicing B2B and B2C digital personalization

Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer talked about the challenges of implementing a personalization strategy and what steps can be taken to ensure a seamless customer experience. Her opening remarks were followed by a presentation from Madhukar Uniyal, Master Principal Consultant, Oracle Marketing Cloud.

As someone who works closely with creating frameworks for personalization, Madhukar explained the term as “A continuous process of improving customer experience with every interaction.” He asserted that customer data is the bedrock of personalization strategy and customer engagement. He also pointed out that customer engagement is moving from a generic communication approach to a more individual conversational approach.

According to Madhukar, the biggest challenges marketers face in personalizing customer experience is the scale of customer engagement. Everyday brands are having billions of conversations with their customers. He argues that instead of rushing into the process of personalization and focusing on the how, brands should focus on the who. The map flow for personalization would then be Who-What-Where-When-Why-How.

He urges marketers to understand the universe of the customer and he ha divided the same in three parts namely: The Unknown, The Little Known and The Well Known. Brands must aim to reach the Well Known Universe. To achieve this, he argues that Brands “must not view customers from different glasses but have a single view of the customer.”

Once a brand gets wholesome picture of the brand, the canvas should be given to the marketers to build strategies. This is where the framework and tools step in, he argues that this where Adtech & Martech merge through websites/subsidiaries & cross channel marketing.

You can view the entire deck here: Lets Talk CX- Webinar

Amol Oberoi, Head- Digital Marketing, Hilti India started by stating that one must clearly define what personalization means to them & their customers & what does the brand want the customer to experience. He further argued that everyone knows that a blanket bombing marketing strategy becomes annoying for the customer. Talking about B2B personalizations, he argued that one must understand the requirements of the business one is dealing with & then personalize the experience from there on.

Giving an example he argued that if a customer were to download catalogues for a specific building machine on his website, he would ensure that on the next visit from the customer, the homepage would display products from the customer’s line of business.

Adding on to Madhukar’s arguments, Amol said that “without a unified view of the customer, CX cannot be personalized.” He urged marketers to enter all multi-channel data of the customer to form a single persona. However, he also urged marketers to “not freak out with trying to push in all the data at once.” Integration of data could happen in phases, with simultaneous strategies of customer engagement.

“Putting a robust scalable architecture to build a unified view of the customer is the only way to provide personalized experience across all channels.”

You can view the entire deck here: Lets Talk CX- Webinar

The recording of the Webinar could be watched here: Lets Talk CX- Webinar Chapter 2- Recording


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