OnMobile's Consumer Brand ONMO Sweeps Transform Awards in New York with 5 Wins

ONMO, the sound based communication brand of OnMobile Global Limited, swept the Transform Awards North America 2017 with 5 wins including the Best Overall Visual Identity. Hosted by Transform Magazine, the awards recognize excellence in rebranding, brand development and the journey brands make.

Apart from winning the Best Overall Visual Identity, ONMO got 2 Golds in Best Naming Strategy and Best Visual Identity In The Technology, Media And Telecommunications Sector. ONMO also won 2 Silvers in Best Use Of Audio Branding and Best Creative Strategy.

OnMobile’s consumer brand, ONMO, was awarded for bringing a revitalized identity to the telecom landscape through a fusion of energetic audio and visual elements.

Speaking of the wins, François-Charles Sirois, Chairman & CEO – OnMobile Global Limited said, “We are very pleased with ONMO’s recognition at the Transform Awards North America 2017. These awards confirm the excellent work that has been done and our ambition to continue our pursuit in pushing the boundaries in mobile sound. ONMO aims to provide a richer and more meaningful way for consumers around the globe to express themselves and connect through sound. ONMO’s journey has had a good outset in the United States as of yet and we are looking forward to its imminent launch in other parts of the world.”

Christina Falzano, Managing Director, Brand Union, said, “Working with OnMobile to create the ONMO brand has been an incredibly rewarding experience for Brand Union. Not only do we believe in the product, but our client partners were willing to explore and push boundaries within the category. We can’t wait to see what they unveil next.”

The Transform Awards North America were announced on November 2nd, 2017 held in an event in New York, which saw a gathering of acclaimed branding professionals from all corners of the region.


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