Paul Writer launches New Age Marketing ,
Video interview series of CXO’s highlighting best practices

Sarthak Seth
Head- Brand & Marketing Communications
Panasonic India Pvt Ltd.

On the importance of E-commerce to strengthen their brand presence and the ways they are going about it..

E-commerce is an important platform for us like any other brand as well. Today when I talk about E-commerce we have got our own brand store and we also use other platforms for our sales. Specifically when it comes to our brand store the most important thing is that we can display all our products on it and we can interact with the consumers and identify their needs and offer products accordingly. Nowadays there are options for payments hence E-commerce is an important tool. Right now there is a lot of market shift that is also happening not only in the west but also in India on the E-commerce platform. E-commerce is not only about the value but about the experience for the end consumer. So it is not much to do from the tactical stand point but more from the brand building perspective where everything can be showcased in one place to the consumer.

“E-commerce is not only about the value but about the experience for the end consumer.”


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