Paul Writer launches New Age Marketing ,
Video interview series of CXO’s highlighting best practices

Sarthak Seth
Head- Brand & Marketing Communications
Panasonic India Pvt Ltd.

On how they are defining the New Age Customer and hence how should the New Age Marketer be?

The digital revolution has transformed and it has transformed not only the market place but even the consumers today. The global consumer or new age consumer is the consumer who is aware of what the global trends are, how thing are happening in this new age and he is very well informed. When we talk about very well informed – he knows everything what so ever is happening around his space. Also this consumer has got lot of options. This is from the new age consumer perspective.
From new age marketer perspective, as a brand, as a marketer – we have to look at what are the consumers touch points, where exactly this consumer is, how this consumer is actually behaving, in what lines this consumer is actually moving and we really need to keep tap of this consumer. As a marketer we know that this consumer has got options, this consumer has got choices. So as a marketer we also need to give lot of choices & options to the consumer. The choices can be in terms of product or the choices can even be in terms of payment. There is lot of use of plastic money or zero percent financing or installments. So you actually need to move along with the consumers, you need to understand his demands and accordingly you have to act.

“As a marketer we know that this consumer has got options, this consumer has got choices.”


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