For our second episode of Marketing Mavericks, a series initiative by Paul Writer that gives an inside look into some of the greatest marketing teams in the field, we interviewed the marketing team at Mobigraph to find out what their goals are for 2018.

1. What is the topmost priority for the marketing team this year?

Topmost priority for the year is to successfully conduct an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for our grand project ‘PEP Network’. Currently, all our marketing efforts are focused towards creating awareness about the project and building a community of potential investors that shall successfully invest in our ICO and make it successful.

Once the ICO is completed, our team will work in-sync with the development team to realize the vision of PEP Network that mainly involves the creation of an ecosystem where personalized and self-expressive content fosters direct relationships between developers, creators, consumers and distributed render farmers. All this will be done using the power of Blockchain Technology.

2. How is AI viewed within your organization or as an offering for your client?

AI, AR, Blockchain are technologies that we work day in and out. At Mobigraph we want to bring the best of real-life communication in digital communication. We achieve this by creating a personalized avatar & animations that portray real-life body language & facial expression.

In one of our products, we employ AI & ML to create user’s avatar from a selfie. Here we analyze the user selfie & employ feature landmarking to sculpt the 3D avatar.

One other use case of AI is in sentimental analysis. We use AI to understand what the user has typed and show him the animations that best reflect what he wants to say.

As with any AI solution, these are undergoing regular updates and we can say that with more data these will get better and better.

3. What are a few team building initiatives that have worked for you in the past? What do you do for continuous learning for your team?

Team building is one of the key aspects for a very young organization like Mobigraph. It tends to create a positive environment in the company and also creates strong bonding among all employees.

Keeping that in mind we conduct many team building activities at Mobigraph. We have Friday Fun Activity (FFA) where we conduct team building fun games. It has benefitted us a lot as it has helped team members in understanding each other in a fun way.

Other initiatives include offsite movie outings and team lunches. All birthdays are celebrated in office to make employees feel special. Apart from these activities, we also have indoor cricket and basketball breaks to take away the monotony of work and feel refreshed.

Mobigraph has an open office policy and all ideas are welcomed and brainstormed.  Employees are given the opportunity to interact with clients and be part of the sales pitch, this helps employees to remain motivated. Employees are also encouraged to take up online courses to further their knowledge.

4. How do you use data to make marketing work in your organization?

Our marketing efforts hugely rely on data to back-up new ideas, apply it in the decision-making process and fine-tune our marketing campaigns and objectives. We are already reaping a multitude of benefits through data-driven marketing efforts. Some of this involves a better understanding of buyer personas that helped us in providing better content to the user and improving in-app user experience that helped boost in-app purchases. Our ears are glued to the voice of the customer and we make sure to sort out any customer issues immediately.

5. What was the last campaign you worked on? What were the challenges you faced and how did you overcome it as a team?

The goal of our last marketing campaign was to establish Mobigraph as a Technology leader in the domain of Digital Expressions. Execution largely involved getting PR coverages in major media publications, establishing our social media presence and building a huge user base for our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) XPRESSO. Like many startups, we also faced budget and time constraint. The situation was dealt with by working relentlessly on exploring and connecting with our network contacts for PR, conducting regular brainstorming sessions to come up with new content ideas for social media campaigns and steadily improving our knowledge of the digital realm and implementing them to acquire new users organically.


Sanjeeth Boloor of Mobigraph
Sanjeeth Boloor of Mobigraph

Name: Sanjeeth Boloor

Designation: Head of Marketing

Organization: Mobigraph Inc.,

Size of the Marketing team: 3+

Awards and accolades won in the last 12 months :

  • Best Enhanced Communications App Award 2017 by Mobile Star Awards
  • Recognized as Bengaluru’s Hot 50 Brands 2018 under Innovative Use of Technology category by Paul Writer


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