Pregakem known for their ad featuring celeb duo Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’souza, recently released an interesting ad featuring a deaf and mute couple.

The older ad that featured the married stars was lighthearted but at the same time brought in the fact that pregnancy was not only a woman’s journey to motherhood but a man’s journey to fatherhood as well. By bringing in the involvement and interest of the father, Pregakem highlights the importance of parenting as a joint venture.

In this particular ad, we do not realize that both the man and woman are deaf and mute until we’re more than 60 seconds into the ad. The excitement the couple share at the good news is palpable. However, the ad goes on to portray the father’s worry that perhaps their child too will be like them. The wife then explains to him that they are normal because they lead normal lives: they both are working, and socially active and happy.

Fast forward a few years and we see their young child communicating to them in sign language before leaving to school. When she leaves the house and meets a friend, we learn that the girl can speak and hear. ‘You don’t need words when happiness touches your heart.’ In this case, you can see how true those words ring.

Paul Writer’s Take

Ads that represent the deaf and mute community are few in number and stand out for their inclusiveness. Another endearing ad by KFC which is more jovial in tone features two friends, one of whom who appears to be deaf and mute and focuses on the easygoing nature between the friends as they share a KFC friendship bucket.


Pregakem’s ad manages to focus on the product but also brings forth a message. By portraying a community that is not often seen in the media and marketing world, it also brings together a larger audience by simply being inclusive of communities that are often not represented in the media. At the same time, the ad does not solely focus on the couple being deaf and mute, but rather on their joy at becoming parents. Seems like it has hit just the right tone.


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