Ad Review: Borosil’s #FirstValentine Ad- Is it a Hit or Miss?

Riding on the wave of the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, every brand or non-brand has jumped on to the bandwagon to get its share of the advertising revenue pie. After all, who doesn’t like mushy emotional ads that touch a chord in your heart. Borosil, one of India’s leading consumer products has always chosen the quirky route of combining a social message to the occasion with a creative storyline and makes its mark through its well-executed TVCs, be it for women’s day or wishing luck to the wrestling team, their ads have a good recall value. So it’s no surprise when Borosil released this year’s Valentine day ad and chose an unconventional way of commemorating the special occasion, while trying to break the clutter. This ad starts with a young girl waking up, doing her normal chores while talking of how she has never celebrated Valentine’s Day not because she did not like it, but because she could not, as her special someone is of the same gender. Then it goes on to show visuals of them getting ready to do the regular romantic stuff that all couples do on Valentine’s Day, while expressing the sheer happiness in doing these small things that others take for granted. The ad ends with the message that this year, after the historic judgement by Supreme court, love would be celebrated ‘truly’.

A genuine ad with a heartfelt message that takes the brand into a more relevant and inclusive space by staying true to the values of equality and diversity. Valentine’s Day, considered ‘cliched’ for most, holds a very special meaning for the very first time in Indian history where love can be celebrated without fear. Borosil has taken the step in the right direction by breaking the mold and has a winning ad in its kitty.

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