International Women’s Day Interview with Shilpa Dureja Puri
  1.  What made you choose to do what you do?

I believe in taking control of your choices, to make our own destiny. My choices are driven by what my heart desires. For the last 20 years, it’s been Digital first. What started as a stroke of luck has been the passion ever since! I have been on a constant journey of evolving and growing as a person and a new age marketer. 

  1. As a woman leader, do you think India has more diverse workplaces today than when you started working?

Yes, indeed. It’s nowhere close to being perfect. But it’s “good enough” today to start building high-quality relationships at the workplace. And finding the perfect work-life flow or work-life harmony as I prefer to call it is now possible. 

  1. How do you bring your passion to work?

By Disrupting Oneself. Questioning everything I know to learn something new.

The need to get off that sticky floor and to be able to do more, be more is what keeps me going. My optimism, persistence and purpose comes from the need to re-invent myself to be a better me – that finds its roots in Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism.

  1. What are your plans for the next 5 years?

Build an interesting life than a successful life. Balance my commitment to self and others. Find even more time to read, travel, cook, volunteer and give back to society and create more and more quality time with family. #DoMoreBeMore

Focus more on my passion to help digital startups/ businesses to leverage digital technologies in closing the gap between dreaming and doing. And also, find a sweet spot that will offer both ease and fluidity of being a B2B modern marketer and a B2C marketer at the same time.

  1. Which startup do you admire?

I admire entrepreneurs who reflect themselves in their businesses. Those who are able to drum up their passion into purpose. This Women’s Day, admirably pointing to work of two fellow women professionals who turned entrepreneurs – Cuddles Foundation set up by Purnotta Dutta, who gave up flourishing corporate job, to help every child fighting cancer a chance to survive it.

– driven by Poonam Singh Jamwal who helped fuse new-age digital solutions to make the formal learning process easy and effective.

  1. 2020s will be the decade of _____

Sustainable Living. Betterness Manifesto for Brands

AI enabled Wearables and Smart-homes

Service Design in Digital Transformation

Compelling storytelling in Digital Marketing

  1. One app that has changed your life?

One Note – the perfect app for capturing pretty much everything. It disrupted my note taking behavior almost 8 years back. I got my very own digital notebook. Since then pen and paper have been a thing of past.

My productivity hit a next level, as I combined One Note with the SPen on the Galaxy Note 10 device.

  1. What advice would you give to young women leaders?

Ask yourself the hard questions about your career plans and development areas, early in your career – “How is this job going to help groom me in the direction I want to move with my career? How long do I need to stay at one place to be a value to my team and boss?” Ask what you want from your career and have a game plan on how you’re going to get it, as opposed to just waiting around for hard work to be recognized. And, in your journey to climb the ladder, give a fellow woman leader a helping hand.

International Women’s Day Interview with Shilpa Dureja Puri

Shilpa Dureja Puri

Director Marketing
Samsung India


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