The face of Indian retail is changing due to several reasons, such as the advent of several international brands, the evolution of hybrid channel retailing that constitutes a mix of both online & offline and many more. Despite the fact that Titan was a well-established and reputed brand, they felt customer feedback was the only way to understand customer perception and stay ahead in the game. Titan used to collect feedback manually using comment books. However, they realized that it was not serving the intended data, was not scalable and definitely not managable.

One of the major challenges in manual feedback collection was the data collected was extremely anecdotal. This had two sides to it. Firstly, customers gave an opinion on one-off instances or responses based on an impulse. Secondly, the store staff could record or manipulate the information in a way they wanted. In the first case, where customers gave information in an impulse, it didn’t throw the right insights and data points for decision-making. In the second case, staff manipulating data obviously offered biased insights, making the process of data-driven decis ion making extremely challenging.

About Titan:
Titan is one of India’s most iconic brands belonging to the TATA group, and specializes in the design and manufacturing of watches, precision instruments, jewellery and accessories. Titan boasts a presence of 320 stores in all major cities of India and is known for the trust they guarantee.

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