With over 4000 branches in India and a solid presence in the digital space, HDFC Bank has risen to new heights over the past few years. Today, it serves more than 6 million customers across multiple channels – HDFC’s own mobile app, Net Banking, Phone Banking and also via traditional branches.
The biggest challenge for HDFC was to integrate its online and offline channels and provide a seamless and omni-channel customer experience. However, this was not possible with their existing feedback platform as it was mostly restricted to the offline channel.HDFC was unable to store and organize all the collated feedback data in a centralized location. More importantly, they did not have a reliable platform that could be used to analyse customer feedback and deliver tangible customer insight. The organization was, therefore, looking for a customer experience and feedback management platform, both dynamic and user-friendly, that would help them take customer-centric business decisions.

  • Using Cloudcherry, HDFC now collects customer feedback across multiple channels – on their mobile app, website, in their branches and also through SMS. On top of that, HDFC is able to set real-time alerts and notifications that are sent to the concerned authorities instantly and immediately to help redress customer issues and also to thank delighted customers for their positive feedback.
  • All feedback data collected is now neatly organized and sent to the Cloudcherry dashboard – one centralized location to store all experiential data about customers. On this dashboard, users apply various filters on the basis of location, NPS, customer age and several other metrics or attributes in order to slice and dice customer data in whichever way they want.
  • Additionally, HDFC bank have created separate customized views in the Cloudcherry dashboard for different stakeholders, who are responsible for different touchpoints, within the organization. For instance, a person responsible for Internet Banking views customer data and insight that is relevant only to his team. This avoids ad-hock procedures and processes, especially in such large-scale organizations.

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