Pluralsight, a leading technology skills platform, wanted to create a digital community of 250 digital marketers and position itself as a thought leader in the field of digital marketing. To achieve this, Pluralsight partnered with Paul Writer, a leading marketing agency, for a comprehensive campaign from April to August 2017.

Campaign Strategy:

The campaign aimed to engage the target audience through a range of content and events. The following tactics were implemented to achieve the objective:

  1. Original Content:
    Paul Writer created 18 articles of 500 words each, which were shared with the target audience. The content was based on digital marketing and was shared through Pluralsight’s digital channels.
  2. Marketing Booster Newsletter:
    Paul Writer included 24 insertions in its weekly e-newsletter, Marketing Booster. These included the articles, 4 write-ups on workshops/roundtables hosted by Pluralsight, and 1 on the concept and Digi 100 list.
  3. India’s Top 500 Marketers List:
    Paul Writer and Pluralsight jointly developed the selection criteria for the list. The list featured marketers committed to continuous education and was shared through Pluralsight’s digital channels.
  4. Red Book of Desi Digital:
    Paul Writer conducted a survey with 100 assured responses from relevant titles such as Head Digital, Head Marketing, CMO, CDO Digital, capturing Indian digital marketing leader’s views/state of the union on digital marketing in India. The 4-page report was co-branded with Pluralsight.
  5. Membership Logo and Badges:
    Paul Writer created a digital logo and badges for various levels of participation to be used by Pluralsight.
  6. Small Format Roundtables/Workshops:
    Paul Writer managed three small format roundtables/workshops, one each in Mumbai, NCR (Gurgaon), and Bangalore, with a minimum of 25 attendees. Paul Writer managed the agenda, faculty/speakers, venue, F&B, and audience generation from CMO, VP Marketing, Chief Digital Officer, Head Digital, Head Agency titles. Pluralsight provided an expert session of 30 minutes duration during the program.
  7. Digital Masterclass:
    Pluralsight hosted the Digital Masterclass for 50 attendees during Paul Writer’s Futurist CMO Conclave in August in Gurgaon. The Digi 100 list was unveiled during the forum.


The campaign achieved its objectives and helped Pluralsight position itself as a thought leader in the digital marketing space. The community attracted 250 digital marketers from CMO, VP Marketing, Digital Marketing Head, Digital Design Heads, Digital Agency Heads, and Digital Practice Heads titles. The original content and Red Book of Desi Digital report generated high engagement levels, and the workshops and events were well-attended. The Digi 100 list was well-received and helped Pluralsight establish itself as a leading player in the industry.


Paul Writer helped Pluralsight achieve its objective of building a digital community of 250 digital marketers through a comprehensive campaign. The campaign’s success demonstrates the importance of creating a range of engaging content and events to build a community and position a brand as a thought leader. Paul Writer’s strategic approach and Pluralsight’s commitment to continuous education helped position the company as a leading player in the digital marketing industry.


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