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Why did Jet Airways fail

Jet Airways stood for comfort and reliability for years. Until it didn't. What went wrong? Could marketing have solved the problem?

Indian Brands Famous in the World

Indian brands that deserve to be world famous. How well do you know these heritage gems? They have been recognised by a GI tag which makes them brands in their own right. World famous brands owned by their local community.

Simi Sabhaney, Dentsu India: Interview

Simi Sabhaney shares 6 ingredients for a hot brand in this interview.

Is Marketing a Science or An Art?

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker, 1838 – 1922,  Founder...

Top Alcohol Brands In India: 5 Brand and marketing stories

India is home to a variety of different cultures and traditions. This diversity has led to the development of interesting alcoholic drinks that have taken the world by storm. Here are 5 that we think are among the top brands in India.

Brand You: A marketing approach to building your personal brand

In this session, I will share tools to better understand yourself and a framework to help you determine your priorities. The talk is grounded in brand theory because it is all about Brand You.

Brands that rebranded successfully: 5 learnings

Marketers at HP, Motorola, Shinola - brands that have successfully rebranded - and elsewhere are finding that the great challenge and greatest opportunity facing...

The difference between brand vs activation

There’s data that shows that the mix of brand vs activation budget should be 60:40.  Brand building helps to create a mental perception that...

Recession Brand History Quiz

Consider this brand history Quiz a guided tour that helps you understand how these famous brands survived and thrived in a recession. You'll test your brand history and learn some great ideas for yourself too!

Part One: Why Personal Branding Drives Growth

GQ is your Google Quotient If I search for your name or the topic on which you are supposed to be an expert on and no externally referenced content appears, then you do not exist as a professionally. If Google can’t find you, you do not exist.