SEO Strategies: SEMRush Webinar
Webinar on SEO Strategies that win in 2018

In this age of digital competitiveness, your website is the key to boosting your business. A good SEO plan encourages customer trust as well as builds your credibility. However, most of us today are struggling with SEO strategies which could win. Keeping this in mind, SEMRush in association with Paul Writer organized a webinar on “SEO Strategies that Win in 2018”. Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer introduced the theme of the webinar, talking about how being on the top 5 links on Google could bring in good business. She also stressed upon the fact that SEO strategies are changing themselves and one needs to know how to be on the top five links.

Apurva Chamaria, VP & Head, Corporate Marketing, HCL Technology and the author of the best selling book “You are the key” started his piece by pointing out that brands should aim for Rank Zero instead of the first five search options. He further added that tools like SEO Pause can help brands in generating keywords which could take a brand to the rank zero level.

He further added that brands should focus on ‘longer tail search terms’ as most customers now use voice search. Talking about content strategy optimisation, Apurva said that a brand must focus on text-based blog spaces, embed images and videos in the blog, focus on curating content, create engaging data with visual content and prefer https sites which are preferred and approved by Google.

Apurva also added that brand citation could cover up for lack of backlinks. He named Quora as a backdoor hack for SEO. Apurva also suggested that apart from being consistent a brand must use pod-cast or guest blogging to attract customers.

You can view his deck here: SEO Hacks (1)

Debra Mastaler, Corporate Speaker, SEMRush proposed a list of 10 link hacks like, Using news outlets to get links, Partner with media houses on weekend filler content, exclusives, small paper, Find independent contributors, use co-occurring links, Use of Gifographics, use of trendy content and so on.

You can view her deck here: Link Hacks

Rajiv Kondal, Director- Digital Marketing & Customer Acquisition, Ibibo Group- RedBus Division talked about top 5 SEO Trends in 2018 like Focus on Voice Search and Digital Assistants like Allo, Siri etc, Mobile first indexing and AMP pages, Featured snippets followed by Questions and Answers among others. Rajiv also argued that one needs to focus especially on voice search as more and more people are now preferring voice search.

You can view his deck here: SEO Trends for 2018



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