Why are brands not successful on YouTube?

A research published by leading publication, Forbes shows that YouTube has the best ROI above any other social media platform. As the second largest search engine after Google, people are frequently turning to YouTube influencers to seek helpful tips, discover reputable products and genuine reviews.

According to a report by TAR Production, nearly 1 out of every 2 internet users are on YouTube where 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. YouTube reaches more adults of the demographic 18-34 years of age than any cable network and 6 billion hours of video are viewed every month that is increasing at the rate of 50% each year.

Many brand marketers realize the power of connecting with the influential social media users through YouTube, the trending influencer marketing tool. Butsome brands have just not scored with YouTube.They are finding it difficult to identify the right influencers and metrics for measuring success. Other common mistakes these brands typically make are treating a viral video as a commercial, depend too much on YouTube and YouTube only or base success on view counts alone.

So how can your brand crack the right strategy to create high impact YouTube campaigns?
We suggest 4 key focus areas for the marketers:

Create Viral Video Content

For a brand, struggling to stand out in crowded markets, viral videos can be a great way to increase exposure and drive traffic. However, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Viral video content must be short and simple because people have short attention spans where they click on something, quickly consume, share, and move on.
  • Videos must be exclusive and worth sharing to be able to stand out against the countless videos on newsfeeds and in search results.
  • Viral videos should be timely and significant.

Build an Engaged Community

Creating viral video content is not the sustainable advertising strategy you want to depend on. A much better strategy is to build an engaged YouTube community that consistently watches your videos and interacts with you. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Focus on creating meaningful content that is relevant to your audience who should find it exciting and informative thus yielding positive average viewer response.
  • You need to invest in consistent content incorporatingideas if you want to build an engaged community.
  • Consumers thrive on familiarity. Creating videos around a consistent theme may help people become more comfortable with your brand.

Leverage it for Advertising
YouTube has a great platform for advertisers featuring a superfluity of data that allows advertisers to comprehend audience behaviour and forming a robust targeting strategy.
This level of analytics leads to smarter campaigns for advertisers and better content for viewers.You can use YouTube to target the right customer at the right time to advertise your brand with data on essential demographic and geographic information, appropriate user intent, identifying specific Ad placements and serving Ads based on online behaviour.

Market your Brand with YouTube Stars
Consider getting brand engagements with YouTube stars to aid and accelerate your efforts and maximize your brand influence across various channels. Along with word-of-mouth marketing, they also reach a much wider and engaged audience.

YouTube is continuing to see massive growth in online video viewership in India as well, reaching over 180 million users per month on mobile alone.Consumer brands and artists have gained brand presence in the market primarily through their consistent quality uploads.At the pre-YouTube FanFest press conference held earlier this year,Bhuvam Bam, otherwise known as BB Ki Vines, was announced the fastest creator ever in India to hit the 2 million subscriber mark. Technical Guruji and Shirley Setia, Being Indian, Kabita’s Kitchen, NishaMadhulika, SANAM, and VidyaVox are amongst other top creators.

The rise of YouTube influencers has crafted a new profitable, scalable communication channel for brands, but only if approached the right way. Identifying the common drawbacks of YouTube, influencer marketing can aid brands boost the return on investment and secure long-term rewards.


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