When they aren’t wooing their customers with their attention to detail, they are probably planning their next big project in a new city! Currently, they have 26 hotels in 18 cities in India and they’ve also got a hot spot in Tanzania too! We’re proud to say that Royal Orchid is a Bangalore brand with its first venture in 1973 in the city of Bangalore! We had a chat with Chender K. Baljee, Managing Director of Royal Orchid Hotels Limited

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Can you describe your brand in three words?

Refreshing, contemporary and value for money.

One interesting fact about the brand?

The Royal Orchid Hotels takes pride to say it with conviction that ‘our staff is friendly’, offering the essence of Indian hospitality ‘warmth and timely service’ and willing to go that extra mile by providing value added service. A guest can come to Royal Orchid and expect more.

Most memorable marketing campaign of your brand?

During the anniversary of one of our hotels, we decided to serve our meals priced at rate when the hotel first opened in 1973. We had such an overwhelming response that the diners queued up for lunch and were being served till midnight!

What makes your brand hot?

We take pride in the fact that we have always moved ahead of the times by being among the first hotels to introduce plasma TVs, Wi-fi services and in-house movie channels using VCRs in the early 80’s.

We continue to strive and maintain our first mover advantage efforts with the usage of updated revenue management techniques, e-commerce initiatives and online marketing channels.

3 things that you look for when you hire people?

I keep a close watch for individuals who have:

• A steady track record without job hopping
• Young spirited and ambitious
• Marketing savvy who are familiar with social media and electronic marketing technology to drive business effectiveness

One thing you love about Bangalore?

The true spirit of Bangalore lies in its people. Over the years I have seen that people from all strata of life, blend together in Bangalore unlike people in many other metros.

Plans for 2014?

Aggressive expansion in India and overseas with an asset-light strategy (i.e, through the management contract model).


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