Paul Writer in association with Oracle hosted a live discussion on 17th September as part of the fourth season of “Let’s talk CX” an Oracle and Paul Writer partnership program. The webinar was designed to debunk some common myths around marketing automation.

Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer introduced the topic and talked about the importance of automating the right tasks for efficiency, instead of automating the inefficiencies.

ROI is a huge focus point, especially in today’s competitive era and in marketing, Marketing Automation tools can help in improving ROI. Marketing Automation is the missing link between sales and marketing, said Pradeep Bantwal, Senior Sales Consultant, Marketing Cloud- Oracle. Not only can it generate more leads, but it’ll provide more qualified leads and allow for better nurturing and increase conversion rates. Marketing Automation gives more of a structure and helps in delivering a hyper-personalized customer experience.

So what does Marketing Automation look like?

Let's Talk CXMarketing Automation begins with identifying and segmenting your customer base. A Marketing Automation platform looks at driving traffic according to segmentation  on different channels, as well as building content and engaging audience, increasing leads and conversion rates. But Marketing Automation system  nowadays can go beyond this, and answer questions like who are the people who were converted and why? It can help you in repeating the successes that you have obtained.

Marmik Mankodi, Growth Hacker, Marketing, Product & Strategy at Faasos began his session by debunking the common myth that Marketing Automation is only relevant for large businesses. Faasos considers themselves a midsize company that has used Marketing Automation for their campaigns, which helped them in saving on cost, time and in generating an efficient customer experience.

Another popular myth regarding Marketing Automation is that it’s too difficult to deploy and use. According to Marmik- it’s neither. What we need to factor in is the input fields we use in the backend, so if we design it accurately then the program will be run smoothly. This is why it’s important to understand the campaign you’re running, and the database so you can structure it for maximum efficiency.

Does Marketing Automation stop once the sale is closed? Myth #3 was also set straight during the webinar. Through Marketing Automation, Fasoos saw a rise of 50% over a period of one quarter in their cross-selling efforts. Marketing Automation can aid in matching the right product with the right customer, as well as help in engaging with customers and gauging their needs so as to deliver a seamless customer experience.

You can view the full recording of the webinar here


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