TenTenTen Digital Products, the Bangalore based digital marketing enterprise, today announced that Beiersdorf AG, the Hamburg-based Company and makers of brand NIVEA have hired TenTenTen to come up with ideas for a digital property for the skin cream brand –‘NIVEA Soft’. This is a rare case of an Indian digital outfit being signed on by a global entity and that too, for a project entirely targeted at an international audience. What makes the engagement even more unique is the fact that TenTenTen is being compensated for ‘ideation’; a rarity in the Indian advertising world.

Speaking about the project, Ramesh Srivats, co-founder, TenTenTen said, “I have been in this industry for over 20 years now and still haven’t come across too many instances of Indian agencies being hired for international projects by global brands. Also, while a lot is said about ‘monetizing ideation’, this is a rare instance of an agency being compensated just for ideation. We are excited about the project and consider it a recognition of our ability to ideate and create large digital properties that help brands connect with their customers through ‘actions’ instead of ‘talk’.”

As part of the project, TenTenTen will present ideas for a sustainable digital platform for NIVEA Soft. The objective is to forge a deep brand and product level connect with its young audience who spend a large part of their day online. After which TenTenTen will implement the shortlisted idea and manage the digital property. TenTenTen will be compensated for implementation & management separately depending on the scale of the shortlisted idea.

The global marketing team of Nivea zeroed in on TenTenTen based on the work that TenTenTen had done for them previously in India. Ramesh Srivats and the team had created and executed very successful digital properties for NIVEA India; with the Nivea Armprints Facebook campaign being the highlight. The campaign was a huge hit with over a million views and about half a million branded temporary tattoos shipped to nearly one lakh users. Nivea was inspired to build on this success by taking the armprints campaign to TV with a TVC starring Anushka Sharma. This was probably the first such instance in the Indian Advertising & Digital industry where a digital campaign led to a large mass media campaign.


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