In this quirky session, we had a little chat with Vivek Prabhakar, one of the founders of Chumbak and needless to say, it was fun, just like the brand ‘Chumbak’! The founders of Chumbak took a huge risk to raise the capital to invest in the brand, they sold off their house and started out in a tiny apartment and today they have about 250 stores across India and if that wasn’t enough, their products are sold in 70-80 stores in Japan. That’s right you heard me, our Bangalore brand is now International!











Can you describe your brand in three words?

Colourful. Fun. India.

One interesting fact about the brand?

The word Chumbak has an interesting etymology. Chumbak = Chumma + Bak = Kissing + Stones = Kissing Stores. So Chumbak Means kissing stores or Magnets !

One of the most memorable marketing campaigns of your brand?

One of the most memorable campaigns we did was the Chumbak Expressions Sticker pack that we did with Facebook. This was the first ever Sticker Pack customised for India. This is now India’s most used Sticker pack!

What makes your brand hot?

Our products and designs.

3 things that you look for when you hire people?

• Great attitude
• Hunger to succeed
• A sense of humour

One thing you love about Bangalore?

The people and the weather 🙂

Plans for 2014?

We plan to launch a whole lot of new categories with loads more stores across India.


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