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Sunder Madakshira
Head Marketing
Adobe India

Sunder Madakshira works with Adobe as Head of Marketing in India. In this role he is leading a team of marketers across all businesses and routes to the market. He will be responsible for building a multi year strategy for building Adobe brand awareness and partner closely with country leadership to grow the Adobe business in India.


What are key traits of a successful digital marketer?

Ability to build a data driven culture, Ability to stich up all channels of distribution into unified system for data analysis, insights and action and have an integrated system for managing content, broadcasting personalized content and be able to measure impact.

Digital as a platform is always evolving, what are the key challenges for a digital marketer to keep himself/herself always updated with the trends?

I think ability to unlearn and learn when new digital paradigms evolve, build an evolved ecosystem of team members, agencies and stakeholders who understand digital platforms and are able to chart and measure success.

In India, what is the focus on continuous learning and upgrading skills at digital marketing level with organization and agencies?

The system is evolving. Till a year back, it was slow and sparse, but we see that it is becoming more ubiquitous across all levels of the organizations -C-suite, decisions makers and agencies. We expect this the level of awareness will accelerate in the next three years.

Digital Marketing 2020: what’s in store for the future? – We expect that the rate of change into digital mediums will go up significantly.

As mobile and internet penetration increases event further, more organizations will adapt digital channels to reach customers. Personalization will increase event further. And the shift to the platforms which bring end to end solutions will increase.

What according to you has been the most significant innovation in the field of digital marketing/digital platform?

The successful integration of creative content with digital marketing platforms and analytics to bring out the best read out and actionables in real time.


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