Geetu Bhatnagar
Chief Marketing Officer
Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.

Geetu Bhatnagar is a Business strategist and Transformation leader.

With more than 20 years of experience behind her, she has performed a number of Sales, Services and Marketing roles across the Telecom, IT Consulting and Security areas.

She has a distinguished track record delivering on all fronts – Business Sales and Revenue Impact, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, innovative marketing, corporate communications and public relations and enhanced competitive advantage. Highly motivated, creative and versatile global leader she has worked with organizations like Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Telstra V-Comm, Primera Networks and Microsoft to name a few. At Oracle she leads  commercial marketing for enterprise, mid market and public sector customers for India. This includes Audience marketing, digital/social and Online Demand Generation, driving competitive campaigns and Go to Market strategy to drive Revenue and Share.


What are key traits of a successful digital marketer?

To me, a successful Digital Marketer is one who is passionate about technology, future and people, as only then he/she can be a collaborative passionate compelling storyteller.

Digital as a platform is always evolving, what are the key challenges for a digital marketer to keep himself/herself always updated with the trends?

Constant reading, interactions both with Digital world and customer partner physical world to stay relevant and topical is the key. Experimentation should be the DNA for a Digital marketer as tactics and platforms can change very quickly and become redundant or ineffective.

In India, what is the focus on continuous learning and upgrading skills at digital marketing level with organization and agencies?

Most organizations are still exploring and trying Digital in its true shape and impact, and focus and learning outside of experimentation at work is missing. Governments focus and defined educational platforms are missing too. But I see programs now, like the Data Driven decision making at IIM Bangalore and Design thinking by MIT, which my team will be leveraging coming up.

Digital Marketing 2020: what’s in store for the future?

2020 Marketing will all be integrated with technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual reality with BOTS responses. Digital Marketing would be a visual storytelling with user generated content on Connected everything using Big data that will get personal.

What according to you has been the most significant innovation in the field of digital marketing/digital platform?

Non interrupt Content Marketing to build sustainable inbound on Social and mobile have been the key perpetrators of Digital Marketing in my opinion.



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