emids, a rapidly growing global provider of IT services and solutions for the healthcare and life sciences industries, announced today the acquisition of Encore Health Resources, a leading healthcare information analytics company focused on value-based care and electronic health records for providers.

As healthcare providers and payers converge, today’s healthcare organizations have an increasing need for clinical and financial data to operate effectively in a value-based environment. This acquisition provides an opportunity for emids to address these needs for providers, and complements the company’s existing expertise in the payer space.

“As healthcare becomes more integrated and the focus on consumerism grows, payers and providers are working more closely together,” said emids Founder and CEO Saurabh Sinha. “The ability to provide healthcare technology expertise and solutions that serve both payers and providers, as well as healthcare technology partners, will be critical to help our customers succeed in the future. The Indian market has always been of utmost importance to us. Today, the Indian healthcare industry is also undergoing a major overhaul driven by technology and innovation. Along with business opportunities we also look to expand our India operations and workforce.”

emids brings decades of experience working with leaders in the payer industry, and with healthcare technology partners, which has given it deep expertise in solving data and technology challenges across segments, enabling it to deliver multiple, targeted solutions.

Encore helps providers plan, implement, manage and optimize clinical and business systems to meet the demands of healthcare reform and improve the quality, cost and coordination of patient care. Rooted in deep operational expertise from working with large and diverse healthcare systems, Encore’s services unleash the power of data to fulfill growing information and reporting needs for providers, as well as help them improve performance, care coordination and population health management.

In addition to the business opportunities this acquisition presents, it also reflects a seamless fit of core values between emids and Encore. Both companies take a partnership approach to serving clients and have a strong emphasis on developing talent.

“We have a similar culture that focuses on helping customers succeed and prioritizing the professional development of people in our organization,” says Tom Niehaus, who will operate Encore as a business unit within emids. Encore founder Dana Sellers will be joining emids as a member of the Board of Directors. Commenting on the partnership Sellers says, “Providers are increasingly looking for more value out of their systems, and the combination of emids and Encore will offer a compelling value proposition to our customers.”

The acquisition, which was backed by Baird Capital and Council Capital, adds nearly 200 consultants to emids’ base of 1,500 employees in the U.S. and adds Dallas to its expanding geographic footprint. Expansion also includes a newly opened office in London, a long-standing Bangalore, India, presence, and a Nashville, Tenn-based headquarters. It will also add more than 50 health systems to emids’ client portfolio and deepen its healthcare analytics expertise for clients in the payer and provider markets.

In India, the technology workforce has a significant role to play as the acquisition solidifies to build, manage implement, integrate and maintain a highly interconnected platforms and systems in the growing healthcare ecosystem. The domestic healthcare industry at present has witnessed the rise in demand and usage of humungous amount of data generated every day. Hence, data analytics has become a critical need for the healthcare enterprises to understand the needs of their patients and providers equally. Additionally, connected devices and IoT technologies have also seen an increased uptake. In other terms, digitization is an industry priority today.

In the Indian context, the acquisition will be instrumental to align the customer’s orientation towards better care management. Encore brings a team of experts with specialized knowledge in clinical and business applications, and the knowledge of working with large and diverse healthcare systems. This will strengthen emids technical and upstream consulting skill sets which rests with the enterprises/providers. In India emids’s offshore delivery centre is based in Bangalore with a strong team of over 1500 healthcare technologists. The aim remains to have concerted efforts to work together in order to have uniform approach, conforming to the value of care and delivery of superlative healthcare experience to patients across geographies in the coming years.


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