1. From` internet of things’ to `internet of me’, how is technology helping you in doing your business better today?

I am not sure one can say that there’s a shift that’s taken place. In fact what is happening is that through technology there is now a greater attention to the connections between the physical world and things to people and consumers.

I would think that ‘internet of things’ is still a fresh enough concept and buzzword, and ‘internet of me’ is really an extension of it, rather than a completely different or new concept.

Clearly, technology is providing better means of gleaning consumer insights and understanding behaviour patterns in real-time. This helps businesses adapt quickly and be in a position to ride emerging trends early rather than after they have been established, and perhaps exploited by another, more nimble competitor. The outcomes of this can impact everything from business planning, product strategy, sales and distribution and customer service. The ‘learning’ cycles are shortening and that demands that companies embrace an always-on and perpetual beta approach to how they conduct their business.

Interesting times indeed.

2. IT Marketing is changing rapidly, what according to you can organizations do today to equip themselves better to adapt to these changes in shorter timelines?

It is important for businesses everywhere (and not just in IT) to recognize that they need to tune into consumers, competition and trends on an ongoing basis, and quickly learn to adapt to any shifts that may be happening. Rather than look to make big changes, wining companies are the ones who are able to nimbly change, in small increments and learn and refine their business and marketing approaches on the go. Cutting down silos and decision-making layers and empowering folks closer to customers to make the necessary changes is perhaps an important step towards becoming a better, more responsive business.

3. What is one thing absolutely absolutely critical for the IT marketers who are in business today to be future ready?

It would be the ability to accept that businesses need to be nimble and responsive and then to build an empowered structure and processes that can deliver on the treadmill of business that is always on the move.

Ashok is an award-winning global and regional Digital, Brand and Social Media Marketing leader with 22 years of client and agency-side business experience across industries. Currently, Global Head – Digital Marketing at Infosys, Ashok has leveraged Digital to grow brands since 2000 and has the unique distinction of managing worldwide Digital Marketing for two Indian-born global brands – Taj Hotels for 9 years starting in2000, and Infosys since 2012. Ashok has also led Digital across India and South Asia for Mindshare and Havas Worldwide (Euro RSCG at the time) working with an array of marque brands.A popular commentator and writer on themes related to brands, marketing, digital and social media, Ashok tweets at @ashoklalla. He is passionate about staying fit and enjoys stair climbing and trampolining as part of his fitness program.


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