Marketing 2020: Chai Break with Jaspreet Bindra, SVP – Digital Transformation, Mahindra
Jaspreet Bindra, SVP – Digital Transformation, Mahindra

Digital Transformation is a hot priority for every business and the Paul Writer editorial team caught up with Jaspreet Bindra, Senior Vice-President – Digital Transformation, Mahindra at the Futurist Business Conclave 2017, to discuss the marketing landscape in 2020.

Highlights of the Interview:

Marketing has always been a combination of the subjective e.g. messaging, strategy, innovation and the objective e.g. the mathematical aspects such as media-buying. What digital has done is made the objective part far more efficient. It will be taken away by human marketers and done by machines.

The enigma of marketing remains but in digital we can do far better testing like A/B multiple times to get it right. By 2020 programmatic buying will be entirely automated.

The subjective part on the other hand will become far more important. As everyone moves to digital marketing the ingenuity, the creativity to make differentiation through content will become critical. Many aspects of computing will become a part of marketing.

Marketers will need to develop new skills or hire new skills. If you’re a CEO just being a brand marketer who made these great TVCs is not enough. Skills like AI, RPA, Automation etc will be required. Every marketer will need to know product market fit. We’ll either need to acquire these skills or hire what are known as growth hackers who can help you figure this out.

Marketers will need to equip themselves with the skill of Design Thinking.

Click the video to hear the full interview.


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