Omnichannel Content Strategy: Chai Break with Praveen Rao

We had an interesting chat with Praveen Rao of censhare (now with SAP) on Omnichannel content strategies.  Read on to learn about the latest trends in marketing automation and how to create a successful content strategy.

When it comes to creating a successful omnichannel content strategy, Rao emphasizes the importance of real-time, multilanguage, and contextually appropriate content. While many brands have a well-resourced omnichannel content strategy, deployment can often be a challenge. The key to successful deployment is an automated ecosystem that can simultaneously go-to-market across all channels.

As for trends in marketing automation, Rao notes the importance of managing digital assets and the shift towards contextual content delivery. Additionally, with the rise of AI platforms, automation of content delivery will become increasingly important.

What makes a good content strategy?

At censhare, technology is integrated with customer experience through an open platform that utilizes APIs and XSLT based connectors with commonly used UX and CX platforms.

Looking ahead , Rao predicts that brands will need to focus on data privacy and rethink their content strategies to reach the increasing number of non-English speaking digital natives in India. Additionally, with the rise of voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home, brands will need to consider how to reach customers in this new space.

For young professionals just starting in the marketing field, Rao stresses the importance of not only getting certified, but also bringing that knowledge into practical use. He encourages experimentation and the testing of new ideas.

Read the full interview here.


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