What according to you makes a brand `hot’?

The ability to engage with consumers and become a part of their life narrative.

A `hot’ brand within few hours can become `not so hot’…case in point being nestle’s maggi. What are your tips for brand owners to help them keep their brand hot?

Communicate. Engage. Stay humble. Stay focused. Anticipate. Be proactive. Never be arrogant. Always listen to your consumers.

In case when a hot brand is mired in a controversy, what is your suggestion for brand owners to cope with such a situation- lie low or take the bull by its horns?

Take the bull by its horns, but on the back of a well thought out strategy that covers all bases and is backed by solid, incontrovertible data and facts. And if indeed retreat is needed, do it publicly, and promise to come back stronger. Above all, be honest and transparent at all times.

What makes Bangalore a unique brand?

The weather, communal harmony, great eating and entertainment, relative safety, and a cosmopolitan outlook.

Profile: Samar Singh Sheikhawat is the Senior Vice President – Marketing at United Breweries Limited

A veteran in building brands, Samar joined United Breweries Limited, as Senior Vice President – Marketing in November 2009.

A post graduate in MBA – Marketing and Finance from Symbiosis, Pune, Samar started his career with Cadbury’s India Ltd in 1989. He worked with them till 1993, as part of the research, malted food drinks and ice creams businesses, across Bombay, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Consequent to the takeover of Cadbury’s ice cream business by Hindustan Lever, he joined HUL in 1993 to work with the Walls Ice Cream business based out of Bombay.

In 1994 he headed to Energiser Batteries Ltd., as Product Manager for India, based out of Delhi. In 1995 he joined Dabur as Head of Sales and Marketing for the natural products business, where he worked for five years, till 2000. Thereafter, he worked with Pepsico for 6 years until 2006, first as Head of Marketing for the Tropicana Juice Business, then as National Head for field marketing and key accounts.
In 2006, Samar joined Spencer’s Retail Limited, based out of Calcutta, wherein he was working in the capacity of Vice President – Marketing.
Samar is currently based in Bangalore and lives with his wife and daughter.

Samar is a speaker at Bangalore Brand Summit 2015


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