What according to you makes a brand `hot’?

Authenticity is a key brand attribute that stands the test of time and ensures today’s ‘hot’ brand does not fizzle out tomorrow. People relate to brands that are authentic and stand for something. Authenticity ensures brands can connect at a very visceral level with the wants, dreams and aspirations of people.

A `hot’ brand within few hours can become `not so hot’…case in point being nestle’s maggi. What are your tips for brand owners to help them keep their brand hot?

  • Never take your ear off the ground, welcome feedback, take it seriously, and act upon it.
  •  Be transparent and communicate openly; lack of communication leads to a vacuum that is often filled by other messages over which brands may not have any control over.
  • Stay true to your brand promise and don’t dilute your brand’s character at all times – especially when confronted with a crisis

 In case when a hot brand is mired in a controversy, what is your suggestion for brand owners to cope with such a situation- lie low or take the bull by its horns? 

Brands should always remain ‘in character.’ A brand that takes years to cultivate a visible presence and good reputation, cannot suddenly be seen as clamping down, being unfriendly and uncommunicative, when there is controversy.

What makes Bangalore a unique brand?

The people. The resilience and character of Bangaloreans strongly underpins Brand Bangalore; Bangaloreans display a high degree of dynamism, openness and have the ability to move forward using creative solutions to overcome patchy infrastructure and poor support from authorities. The IT / Offshoring industry that took birth here and catapulted Bangalore to national and international fame as perhaps nothing else has, is a prime example of this.


 Profile: Meena Ganesh is the  Co-Founder & CEO of Portea Medical

Meena is one of India’s foremost business leaders and most successful entrepreneurs with nearly three decades of experience in industries including healthcare, consulting, technology, outsourcing, education and e-commerce.

She is CEO of Portea Medical, India’s largest and fastest growing home healthcare company, which she co-founded in July 2013.

She is also a partner of the Growthstory.in entrepreneurship platform through which she has co-promoted of nearly a dozen, new-age Internet/ Technology enabled start-ups. A few of them that are leaders in their category include Bigbasket.com – India’s premier e-grocery retailer and Bluestone.com – India’s leading online jeweler. She also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Bigbasket.com, Bluestone.com and avagmah.com. In addition, she is a non-executive director on the board of a few other private limited companies in the financial services sector.

Meena is a speaker at Bangalore Brand Summit 2015




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