Find out the apps that senior marketers in India are using today and why they like the app!

Any 4 apps that you have on your phone and how frequently you use them?

– Whatsapp – daily. Especially useful during my travel

– Google Keep – daily. It’s brilliant UI and compatibility with other google apps helps me to plan, organize and schedule both my personal and work related stuff very seamlessly

– Helpchat – occasionally. Have downloaded it very recently and am impressed by its versatility during my initial usage. Lives up to its reputation of being a “personal assistant”. Very impactful ad as well!

– Twitter – frequently. Use it to connect, share and for news

An app that you find useful?

– Google Keep

How do you evaluate an app before downloading it onto your phone?

– Primarily the app needs to be able to achieve a critical task for me

– Should consume minimal space

– Needs to have a good UI

– Should be non-intrusive

Profile: Anshul Chaturvedi is marketing professional with a rich experience in FMCG sales and fashion (apparel and accessories) marketing and brand re-positioning. Spearheading the marketing function (ATL, BTL and digital), visual merchandising, consumer research and PR for Wrangler.


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