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3 Shaving Ads That Discuss Masculinity – Gillette, Old Spice, Harry’s

The brand is leveraging the trending #metoo movement for their own benefit. However, that's what advertising is- talking to your audience about what they're taking about too, finding common ground with them.

Ad Review: Pregakem’s Parenthood is for All

Pregakem known for their ad featuring celeb duo Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D'souza, recently released an interesting ad featuring a deaf and mute couple. The older ad...

Is YouTube Censoring Free Media?

When YouTube first emerged as a platform for video sharing, it was an unassuming website with a handful of people posting home-made videos. Thirteen...

Desi Ads at Cannes – Quiz

Cannes Lions, the festival where the $580 billion media industry goes to do business. This year Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is taking place...